Meet the Team

Milan Raj, CEO & Co-Founder

Milan is a 15+ year veteran of the wireless sensor and IoT industries with expertise in product development and commercialization. He drives the development of a SAAS-based soil-sensor platform, incorporating best engineering and manufacturing practices to create compelling product solutions.

Jeremy Singh, COO & Co-Founder

Jeremy has an eclectic background and has worked in a diverse set of industries including financial services, software development, and education. This range of experience enables him to expand TakkaCor’s network, tackle a wide array of problems and projects and drive business development.

Bryan McGrane, Head Of Software

Bryan has passion for building and designing products, both software and hardware. With a background in Electrical Engineering, he brings a unique skillset where he is comfortable both in the cloud as well as on the metal. Bryan leverages his expertise to create a complete end-to-end user experience.

Dr. Eric Von-Wettberg, Scientific Advisory Board

Eric is an associate professor in the Department of Plant and Soil Science at the University of Vermont. He brings a wide network in academic and industrial agriculture applications and outlines methods to scientifically validate the TakkaCor platform.