Intelligent soil health management
to make your plants happy

The TakkaCor platform equips you with a robust suite of sensors, artificial intelligence, and integrations allowing you to save time and money, identify problems areas before they start, and monitor landscapes remotely. You can customize a wireless sensor network that fits the needs of your space and provides a comprehensive, holistic view.

Plug and play

Cloud based machine learning analytics, insights, and feedback

Distributed network that scales easily

Real time depth profile of soil water concentration and temperature

Pinpoint monitoring of ambient conditions paired with weather forecast data

Integration with a wide catalogue of smart home solutions and products

Real-time data & insights
to fit your needs

Data is collected and stored in the cloud, giving you a complete history of soil and plant health so you can grow consistently, from season to season. Our machine learning algorithms digest multiple data sources to provide you the right insights and recommendations. Combined with our automation tools to control the smart devices you already use, these algorithms can create a seamless, hands-off experience for your entire smart ecosystem.

Personalized technology
to help you meet your goals

The TakkaCor Platform generates the data, insights, and automation you’re looking for. The modular TakkaSense soil sensor and personalized TakkaNet dashboard helps you achieve your goals and manage your landscape efficiently and easily. The system grows with you and your needs, designed with future innovations in mind so you always have the most cutting edge technology.





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